Toy Balls!

Toy Balls! 1.7.6

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Match-three games are fairly common, but this is one of the best. The Washington Post / KidsPost

This game kicks ass! Touch Arcade forum

Toy Balls! is very addicting and hard to put down once you start. I dare say that is has the charm of Tetris and is just as addicting and challenging. The Gamer with Kids

When Bejeweled Met Luxor Nine Over Ten

Almost as entertaining as Angry Birds..." AppStore review

Truly innovative and endlessly replayablethe best match three game weve seen in ages. Best Kids Apps

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Its levels of innovation in introducing physics to the match-three genre, along with its unique and challenging stage designs, make Toy Balls! a highly recommended puzzler for the iOS platform. Jamie Skelton, Associated Content from Yahoo!

In the world of Toy Balls!, balls move and roll across a wooden universe with electro zappers lying in wait to toast and zap the innocent balls. Save them by chaining as many balls as possible, in this addictive and innovative game.

Combining intuitive game play, unique ball physics, tricky level puzzles, and crystal clear visuals, Toy Balls! is your perfect fix for hours and hours of endless fun and entertainment!


Toy Balls! combines realistic ball physics with simple, yet accurate, game controls. Swipe your finger across 3 or more balls of the same kind to save them and gain points. Its that easy to learn and play!

The more balls saved, the more will fall in, pushing them closer to the electro zapper. Think about their physical properties before you chain them. Certain balls will bounce more, while others weigh more, therefore affecting the game play. Every level has different obstacles and electro zappers. It is not always easy to save your balls!


Depending on your score at each level, you are awarded up to three stars. In some levels this is easy, in others it is deviously difficult, so you will have to use your head and skills to collect as many stars as you can. Always remember that the longer the chain, the higher the scores and achievements obtained. And, who knows, by maximizing your score you may unveil a well-kept secret in the future!


Players can see how their scores compare with others throughout the world via online leaderboards and achievements in Game Center.

There all multiple leaderboards. One of them corresponds to your total score, while others refer to scores of individual levels.

There are loads of achievements waiting for you to fulfill. Some of them are dead easy, while others are difficult, so you will have to work hard to collect as many achievements as possible.

* Innovative game concept
* Amazingly fluid and realistic physics
* Rescue three or more balls by swiping through them
* Dozens of balls are onscreen, with more added every second
* Eight different types of balls, each with its own mass and elasticity
* Intuitive and super easy to pick up controls
* Easy and straightforward learning process with in-game tutorial
* Levels may be played over and over to reach a new high score for that puzzle
* Balls bounce, slide, collide, rotate, and roll through wooden mechanical mazes
* Rescue balls as quickly as possible to prevent any ball falling into the electro zapper
* 35 fun and challenging levels with a smooth difficulty curve
* Game Center leader boards & achievements
* Retina display support for the iPhone 4
* Multiple music themes
* Frequent level pack updates

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Toy Balls!


Toy Balls! 1.7.6

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